New images on stock: Hannover

As posted here, this summer I did a F&F (“fast and furious”) photo-round-trip visiting some german cities: Hannover Düsseldorf Cologne Frankfurt Lepzig Dresden The idea was to shoot the most iconic landmarks of every city in a very short time. The whole trip was planned and executed totally digitally and mobile, which means I only […]

Preparations for my Photo-Round-Trip 2016 in Germany

So, we finally reached the time of the year where the light is nice and the chances for long, sunny days is big… well, at least theoretically. This year the north of Germany (and I guess the whole northern hemisphere) has not been granted with a lot of sunny days. We´ve had many, many rainy […]

Publications: one of my images beeing used as a book-cover

One of the downsides of selling/licensing stock images through agencies is, that you rarely get to know where they will land exactly and who is going to use them. Some Stock Image Agencies offer you some hints and data, but at the end of the day you wont know for sure. You can of course […]

New images on stock: Zurich

Some months ago I had the chance to make a brief visit to the city of Zurich in Switzerland. Unfortunately I could not stay the night there to make some night-photography as I initially planned, but I had a couple of hours to scout around the city and catch some images of it. Zurich isn´t […]

Featured by Olympus UK on Instagram!

Hey, that was a nice surprise when I checked my instagram account and found out, that Olympus UK had featured one of my pictures in their stream 🙂 ‘Contrasts is what makes photography interesting’ – Condrad Hall proven by this excellent #repost from @latin_point shot on the OMD EM1 + 40-150mm 2.8 Pro A photo […]

Pic of the week – 2015/1: sail away

It´s been a while since a posted my last picture for my blog-section “Pic of the Week”… but I´ve been working heavily on my stock-images portfolio lately. I plan to produce 1.000 new images this year, so the first 100 are ready now… more to come 🙂 But getting back to the Pic of the Week, […]

Dubai Flow Motion

Normally this blog is mainly about photography… but sometimes other visual techniques catch my eyes and this one is really amazing! We have all seen many spectacular time-lapse videos, you know, the one made out of thousands of single images taken in time-intervals. This one here takes this technique to another level, it even gets […]

Pic of the week – 2014/44: freedom

When it comes to conceptual photography the main aim of the photographer is to create an image, which illustrates/expresses a feeling or describes an idea without having to have the viewer think or have to look around too much. At first sight and within seconds you have to understand what the image is about. Allthough […]

The swans of Hamburg

Besides the seagulls, there is another kind of bird which is very common for the city of Hamburg: the swans. They populate the Lake Alster the whole year through, till it gets cold in november. Then the “Schwanenvater” (“Swans-daddy”… which is actually a person paid by the city of Hamburg to do the job!) collects […]

#blackandwhitechallenge: Day 5

Well, this is my last entry for the #blackandwhitechallenge (you can checkt 1 and 2 and 3 and 4). It was real fun participating in it and thanx to all the ones who liked the pictures on G+! This last image is one I took some years ago while visiting the island of Sylt in the […]