Hey, that was a nice surprise when I checked my instagram account and found out, that Olympus UK had featured one of my pictures in their stream 🙂

‘Contrasts is what makes photography interesting’ – Condrad Hall proven by this excellent #repost from @latin_point shot on the OMD EM1 + 40-150mm 2.8 Pro

A photo posted by @olympusuk on

In their posting they mention the following quote:

Contrasts is what makes photography interesting

by Condrad Hall, an american cinematographer named 2003 to be under the 10 most influential cinematographers by the Camera Guild. In this particular case my picture is all about contrasts: not only the colours of the zebra (which happens to be black & white per se), but also the light components (hard light and shadows) and even the upper and bottom parts of the motiv. The square format I used here emphasizes the optical differences (contrasts) even more, compressing the whole content into a symetrical plane which the eye can easily understand.

While taking this picture the IBIS stabilization system of the Olympus OMD EM-1 showed once again how usefull it can be, as I had not brought a tripod with me and the zebra was standing quite far away. The Olympus lense 40-150 2.8 pro delivered a crisp and sharp image… as it ussually does.

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