Producing 360° or VR images as a photographer

After some weeks using the Gear360 from Samsung to produce spherical images I have gained some insights and experiences in this field and would like to share some thoughts. First of all: it´s a completely new way of making images! As a photographer I am used to employ certain tools in order to achieve my […]

Featured by Olympus UK on Instagram!

Hey, that was a nice surprise when I checked my instagram account and found out, that Olympus UK had featured one of my pictures in their stream 🙂 ‘Contrasts is what makes photography interesting’ – Condrad Hall proven by this excellent #repost from @latin_point shot on the OMD EM1 + 40-150mm 2.8 Pro A photo […]

The IBIS stabilisation feature of the Olympus OM-D EM-1

As I previously wrote in a post some days ago, I got myself the Olympus OM-D EM-1 as a supplementary camera along my DSLR for my photographic work. Specially for my travel/city photography it has become my main tool. One of the terrific advantages this camera has is the so-called IBIS (In-Body-Stabilisation-System). Olympus has done […]

Almost surreal sunset video

So, in the spirit of my last post… here´s another example of breathtaking imagery using the physics of a 800 mm lense (in this case the Canon 800mm f/5.6). Applying such a strong tele-zoom gives you some real amazing possibilities, if you know what you´re doing 🙂 Check out this great video: Sunchasers: A Sunset Short […]

Dubai Flow Motion

Normally this blog is mainly about photography… but sometimes other visual techniques catch my eyes and this one is really amazing! We have all seen many spectacular time-lapse videos, you know, the one made out of thousands of single images taken in time-intervals. This one here takes this technique to another level, it even gets […]

Pic of the week – 2014/43: Seagull Reflection

In the last days we´ve been having lots of foggy days, where the whole city just sunk into an ocean of mist. Normally, the fog should disappear as the day gets older… but in this case it just stood there… from sunrise till sunset. This kind of days are a welcome present for photographers, cause […]

#blackandwhitechallenge: Day 1

Perhaps you have heard about the #blackandwhitechallenge, which is running on Google+. The idea is to post 1 picture a day (5 days long) within the simple rules of the challenge, in this case they just has to be B/W. So, I got nominated by my fellow photographer friend Michael “Jay” Zwahlen to be part of this […]

Faded Photography

It´s interesting… allthough, normally, we all strive to achieve technical perfection (at least most of the time) while making photographies, there are sometimes images that do actually look “good”, while not beeing technically perfect. One of this “imperfections” is the faded effect: when an image´s colours are kind of cut-off at both ends of the histogram […]