So, in the spirit of my last post… here´s another example of breathtaking imagery using the physics of a 800 mm lense (in this case the Canon 800mm f/5.6). Applying such a strong tele-zoom gives you some real amazing possibilities, if you know what you´re doing 🙂

Check out this great video:

Sunchasers: A Sunset Short from Makai Creative on Vimeo.

By the way… not only can you make this kind of amazing videos, but you can shoot some really great stills with it! Not only because you get a strong magnification, but because if you align your subjects in the right way (which is exactly what the photographer in the video did!) you can achieve some very special effects, as for example this “giant” sun or a “giant” moon. It´s just a matter of laws of physic and, of course, planning and creativity.

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