The IBIS stabilisation feature of the Olympus OM-D EM-1

As I previously wrote in a post some days ago, I got myself the Olympus OM-D EM-1 as a supplementary camera along my DSLR for my photographic work. Specially for my travel/city photography it has become my main tool. One of the terrific advantages this camera has is the so-called IBIS (In-Body-Stabilisation-System). Olympus has done […]

Almost surreal sunset video

So, in the spirit of my last post… here´s another example of breathtaking imagery using the physics of a 800 mm lense (in this case the Canon 800mm f/5.6). Applying such a strong tele-zoom gives you some real amazing possibilities, if you know what you´re doing 🙂 Check out this great video: Sunchasers: A Sunset Short […]

Dubai Flow Motion

Normally this blog is mainly about photography… but sometimes other visual techniques catch my eyes and this one is really amazing! We have all seen many spectacular time-lapse videos, you know, the one made out of thousands of single images taken in time-intervals. This one here takes this technique to another level, it even gets […]

Sunset at the Port of Hamburg – Video

Last week I was walking around the Port of Hamburg during a really fantastic sunset (pictures of this are coming soon!) and I realized, that I do almost nothing that has to do with video with my equipment. Having the DSLR and the smartphone with me, I had actually two great devices for making some […]