Last week I was walking around the Port of Hamburg during a really fantastic sunset (pictures of this are coming soon!) and I realized, that I do almost nothing that has to do with video with my equipment. Having the DSLR and the smartphone with me, I had actually two great devices for making some video work. So, I decided to grab the smartphone and put it on the tripod. The decision for the smartphone and against the DSLR was actually very easy: my CF card in the cam was full… so I had no other possibility 🙂

And I have to say that the result was actually very pleasing, as you may see here:

The footage was very sharp and the colours were OK. I made some tweaks with stabilizing filters and voilá this was the result. After uploading to my channel on Youtube I used the onboard time effects (slowmotion) and added some music to it.

The whole process was very easy and fast… so I am going to make more videos from now on. It´s fun 🙂

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