When it comes to conceptual photography the main aim of the photographer is to create an image, which illustrates/expresses a feeling or describes an idea without having to have the viewer think or have to look around too much. At first sight and within seconds you have to understand what the image is about.

Allthough almost any image (landscape, food, animal or else) can illustrate some idea, the conceptual images try to do this in a more obvious way. The aimed ideas or concepts can be very direct and material (“when you see this, you get hungry”) or they can be more subliminal and almost poetic (“when you see this, you feel happiness”).

In the field of Stock Photography conceptuals are very well sold, ´cause the buyers of the images can build upon the existing picture and don´t have to explain too much to get the message out. The picture beneath is one of my best sold images up to day. In my eyes the reason is simple: you look at it and you can almost feel like if you where there, in the paraglider, infront of the sun, over the spacious ocean and beeing free like a bird. There are no elements which could distract your eyes. It´s just a person, the sun and the sea. The warm colours of the pictures makes it feel cozy and relaxed. That´s why I named it “Freedom”.

Paraglider infront of the sun "Freedom" - Copyright by Kristian Peetz
Paraglider infront of the sun “Freedom” – Copyright by Kristian Peetz


In order to get this shot I had to climb a small mountain while beeing at the shore, in the South of Peru. And getting the paraglider just infront of the sun was a question of patience… much patience… 🙂

Location (approx.):[trx_googlemap latlng=”-12.475586, -76.801755″ zoom=”7″ style=”default” width=”100%” height=”240″]
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