Pic of the week – 2015/1: sail away

It´s been a while since a posted my last picture for my blog-section “Pic of the Week”… but I´ve been working heavily on my stock-images portfolio lately. I plan to produce 1.000 new images this year, so the first 100 are ready now… more to come 🙂 But getting back to the Pic of the Week, […]

Pic of the week – 2014/44: freedom

When it comes to conceptual photography the main aim of the photographer is to create an image, which illustrates/expresses a feeling or describes an idea without having to have the viewer think or have to look around too much. At first sight and within seconds you have to understand what the image is about. Allthough […]

Pic of the week – 2014/40: in the Andes of Peru

In order to get from the Titicaca Lake in Puno to Cusco in Peru, many people take the plane. But if you really want to admire and be delighted by the nature in the Andes of Peru, I can only advice you to do the trip by car or bus. The journey will be much longer (depending on […]