In order to get from the Titicaca Lake in Puno to Cusco in Peru, many people take the plane. But if you really want to admire and be delighted by the nature in the Andes of Peru, I can only advice you to do the trip by car or bus. The journey will be much longer (depending on how many stops you will make it should take you from 6 to 9 hours), sure, but you´ll have the chance to see the beauty of this impressive region. Chances you will get to see many lamas and vicuñas along the road is immense, but the mountains and the whole landscape there are an eye-candy, too. And please, as you will be travelling at almost 4.000 meters of altitude… don´t jump out of the car and run to the next hill… you will probably not make it… at least not without getting your heartrate up to unknown heights 🙂


View of mountains in the Andes of Peru – Copyright by Kristian Peetz

Location (approx.):
[trx_googlemap latlng=”-14.470977, -71.023642″ zoom=”7″ style=”default” width=”100%” height=”240″]

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