It´s been a while since a posted my last picture for my blog-section “Pic of the Week”… but I´ve been working heavily on my stock-images portfolio lately. I plan to produce 1.000 new images this year, so the first 100 are ready now… more to come 🙂

But getting back to the Pic of the Week, here comes my new entry:

Paraglider infront of the sun “Freedom” – Copyright by Kristian Peetz
Sail away – Copyright by Kristian Peetz

I took this picture in the coast of Peru. It had been a really fantastic sunset over the ocean when suddenly this sailing boat came across. First thing I thought while looking through the viewfinder was: “yep, sail away!”. So, that´s why I called it that way. Of course I also have the shot, where the ship sits exactly on the sun-glow… but that one is exclusively going to land on my stock-image agency 🙂

Location (approx.):

[trx_googlemap latlng=”-12.481511, -76.801965″ zoom=”7″ style=”default” width=”100%” height=”240″]

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