One of the downsides of selling/licensing stock images through agencies is, that you rarely get to know where they will land exactly and who is going to use them. Some Stock Image Agencies offer you some hints and data, but at the end of the day you wont know for sure.

You can of course use Google Search and check for your name credit, but if the publisher decided not to credit you… there will be no hit. The other method is to use the Google Reverse Image Search engine, which leads to much better results for online uses. Additionally checking sites like issuu, calameo or joomag can help you to find offline print uses, if the magazines have been digitalized.

Last but not least you can engage one of the new services which have been popping out recently quite wildly… who monitor continuously and automatically your images. You send them your batch of images and they will scan the web for you. But I will write about these in another post later.

So, finding the uses of your images is always a bit tricky… which leads to joy, when you finally get some positive results.

Allthough a big chunk of the images I license end up beeing used for online purposes, the findings I love most are the ones where the image ends up beeing used in print media. And Top Of The Feelings is, when it gets on the cover of a book or magazine. TV/Video uses are cool, too.

Last week I found two publications, which make me particularly happy… because they are of my hometown Hamburg 🙂

The first one is a book cover:

Inspektor Takeda und die Toten von Altona - Autor: Henrik Siebold - Aufbau Verlag - ISBN 978-3746632131
Inspektor Takeda und die Toten von Altona – Autor: Henrik Siebold – Aufbau Verlag – ISBN 978-3746632131

where they used this image:



And the second one is a publication of the Tourism Office of the City of Hamburg:

Broschure "Hamburger Sonnenseiten 2016" - Hamburg Tourismus /
Broschure “Hamburger Sonnenseiten 2016” – Hamburg Tourismus /

where they used this image here:


Both images are part of my “Hamburg Gallery” at my Stock Image Agency Westend61:

Hamburg Gallery Kristian Peetz

For more infomation about my images there, just visit

My images at Westend61

or check out my other agencies.

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