New images on stock: Hannover

As posted here, this summer I did a F&F (“fast and furious”) photo-round-trip visiting some german cities: Hannover Düsseldorf Cologne Frankfurt Lepzig Dresden The idea was to shoot the most iconic landmarks of every city in a very short time. The whole trip was planned and executed totally digitally and mobile, which means I only […]

New images on Stock: Goldsmith

Allthough my main field of action in stock photography is Travel Imagery and Landscapes, I sometimes do some other topics like this one, where I documented the making of a pair of wedding rings by a female goldsmith. I wanted to shoot the whole process from the beginning until the finished rings. The main challenge […]

Publications: one of my images beeing used as a book-cover

One of the downsides of selling/licensing stock images through agencies is, that you rarely get to know where they will land exactly and who is going to use them. Some Stock Image Agencies offer you some hints and data, but at the end of the day you wont know for sure. You can of course […]

New images on stock: Zurich

Some months ago I had the chance to make a brief visit to the city of Zurich in Switzerland. Unfortunately I could not stay the night there to make some night-photography as I initially planned, but I had a couple of hours to scout around the city and catch some images of it. Zurich isn´t […]