One of the cities I really like most is the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague! I´ve visited Prague more than once (I think 7 or 8 times) and every time I get off the train at Praha-Holešovice, it´s like travelling back in time. I also had the chance to be part of the last New Years Eve of the then called Czechoslovakia in 1992… man, what a party!! When we woke up in the next morning… the country we were visiting had split into two!
But getting back to the city of Prague: for photographers it´s a paradise. On every corner of the city you will find a spot worth taking an image… not only the popular POI you see in every Tourist Guide. It´s a city where you can easily leave the (sometimes really overcrowded!) tourist paths and go and explore the place by yourselve. And when the night comes… be sure to have your tripod with you, cause the city has been illuminated in such a wonderful way that you will get some fantastic images.

But enough words, this post was only ment to be a short one with a picture. So, here´s the picture:

View of the bridges in Prague - Copyright by Kristian Peetz
View of the bridges in Prague – Copyright by Kristian Peetz

Location (approx.):

[trx_googlemap latlng=”50.093374, 14.412516″ zoom=”16″ style=”default” width=”100%” height=”240″]

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