Preparations for my Photo-Round-Trip 2016 in Germany

So, we finally reached the time of the year where the light is nice and the chances for long, sunny days is big… well, at least theoretically. This year the north of Germany (and I guess the whole northern hemisphere) has not been granted with a lot of sunny days. We´ve had many, many rainy […]

Photographer photographing photographers

Photographing Photographers photographing 📷😜 #hamburg #welovehh #igershamburg #instagood #instatravel #travelpics #wanderlust #like4like #elbe #hafen #sunset #light #picoftheday #fun #germany #citylife #hamburgmeineperle #sunshine A photo posted by Kristian Peetz (@latin_point) on Mar 13, 2016 at 6:16am PDT

Pic of the week – 2014/38: Hafencity in Hamburg, Germany

While walking through the port of Hamburg, Germany, you will find the new quarter called “Hafencity” which is an area that has been build up in the last 15 years or so. While there are still extremly many constructions sites around (one of them is the “Elbphilarmonie“… which I hope will be ready before the […]

Photospheres by Google

One of the cool things you can do with your mobile device (you can makethem with your DSLR, too… but it´s more tricky) is called Photospheres. This 360° dynamic pictures were developed by Google and are a pretty amazing and easy way to depicture the world around you… literally! You can show the view from […]

Having fun with Mobile Photography!

One of the advantages the mobile photography (i.e. taking photos with your mobile device) has over the classic photography with a DSLR is the level of creativity freedom you gain. Not only that you don´t have to get the beast out of the cage, set it up and perhaps change the lense… missing the moment… you […]