Besides moving my blog from Blogger to the WordPress platform, I also decided to give it a try as the platform for my new homepage. Homepages are like camera bodies… from time to time you change them and you try to keep up with the new technologies and possibilities that come up. My old homepage (RIP… you were a good companion 2 years long) was the result of hours and hours of working myself through HTML, JAVA and FLASH. As it was not build around a CMS but plain vanilla HTML, every time I wanted to update something or add new content it was a P.I.T.A. to get it done. I had to touch almost every single page of the structure in order to get things working. Sure, it was fun learning how to do it and trying things out… but seriously, it wasn´t an efficient way to work. Too many hours went down the drain.

So, some weeks ago I got in touch with many different CMS platforms (you name them… WordPress, Contao, Drupal, Joomla! and many others) and got stuck with WordPress. So many people using it (more than 70 Mill. sites run on WordPress) cannot be wrong! To check some of their statistics, just click on their stats-site here (including some nifty realtime world-map showing the uses).

After reading the installation guide I decided that it was the way to go. Just had to change my Microsoft Server (don´t ask why I had been running on Mircosoft for more than 10 years) to a Linux one, but that was just a click. Easy to setup, easy to handle and easy to change. After setting it up, I checked some of the gazzillions of possible themes you can install. Got one, customized it a bit and uploaded my content. Now I finally have my website running along with my blog. And it only took me some days to figure it out 🙂

Ok, then welcome to my new homepage and blog. I hope you will enjoy what you see and read.

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