My name is Kristian Peetz and I am a photographer based in the city of Hamburg, Germany. My main topics are Travel, Conceptual and Landscape Photography.[trx_dropcaps style=”1″]P[/trx_dropcaps]hotography has been my passion since I was 15 years old. Having had the opportunity to travel to many places of this wonderfull world since an early age has given me the chance to train and open my eyes and mind for capturing special moments and details with my camera. In my personal opinion photography is all about freezing a moment in life, capturing a memory, giving you the ability to later wake up the emotions you had at that very place and time. Photography is the art of speaking without words. It can be loud or quiet, warm or cold, soft or hard, inspiring and romantic. It can make you shiver, hungry or thirsty. It can make you smile or even get you sad. Photography aims at all your senses. It has the power of communicating without language or cultural barriers. I hope you will enjoy my pictures!


(Allthough this site is written in English, please donĀ“t hesitate to contact me in German or Spanish)


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